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Re: I am at my wits end, I cant register for account at digg.com using tor

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Jonathan Addington wrote:
| Couple of other options, albeit less convenient
| 1. Go to a library/coffee place/bookstore whatever with WiFi and
| register for your account there without using tor.
| P.S. Not to encourage it or anything (it's illegal in many areas) but
| there is always Warddriving ;-)

Well, if you go to the right coffee shop, they'll have the Wi-Fi so wide
open that you don't even need to register or enter any kind of code. I
know that the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shops in the Las Vegas Valley tend
to be like that.

However, it's an "abuse it and lose it" type thing - for Heaven's sake,
folks, buy coffee or tea! =:op

(FWIW although it's OT: it is possible to register for an account on
Slashdot using Tor, even though many exit nodes [if not all] are blocked
from "Anonymous Coward" posting; you will, however, have to use the
method of your choice to anonymize your access to an email account.)

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