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Re: I am at my wits end, I cant register for account at digg.com using tor

Sebastian Hahn wrote:
> On Mar 6, 2008, at 5:25 PM, Dieter Zinke wrote:
>>> Enabling javascript may display the CAPTCHA, but
>>> exposes you to attacks
>>> and lowers your anonimity chances.
>> Right. But be realistic, even if you are surfing the
>> CIA' s website or to top it the FBI (have more VEDA if
>> you know what that is), they wouldn' t sniff you. Why
>> should they? And if, what are the sniffed infos worth?
>> In most cases nearly NULL!
>> To me it is pure nonsense to use tor and try to
>> register with digg. That is idiotic to me!
> Please consider this:
> By using Tor only for "critical" activities, you allow anyone who
> successfully sniffes any traffic to have a high chance to intercept
> something interesting. The more "innocent" traffic flows over the Tor
> network, the better for those who really need the protection it provides.
> Best
> Sebastian
Interesting argument, but what about all the guys "contributing"
innocent file sharing traffic to Tor? Is that traffic also welcomed?
Where is the right balance?