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Re: I am at my wits end, I cant register for account at digg.com using tor

I completely agree, the purpose for tor is to keep your browsing
private, I dont think using digg anywhere is a privacy concern unless
you are digging illegal content that can be used against you.  The
only reason I use tor is to bypass company firewalls and to anonymize
my browsing when I am surfing on sites that could be used against me
or sites that nobody has business in knowing I went to.  Tor can be
used to expose governments to wrong doings and exercising free speech
when others may not grasp that concept and use what you do against
you.  If you are a blogger and you may offend the government or
organizations and these gov's/org's decide to get a court order to get
your ip address you are screwed without using tor, at least using tor
you can safely do things without too much scrutiny.  Now the
government has 90% of the worlds dns servers logged and isp's
backbones building up browsing habits like they do at libraries.
Every time you go to a public library everything you read is recorded
and the fbi/cia/nsa/and other nations gov's have access to that
information.  It is very possible and very probable that the
government is doing these things.  So if you want to exclude yourself
from these databases use tor.

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 9:25 AM, Dieter Zinke <dieterzinke@[yahoo].com> wrote:
> > Enabling javascript may display the CAPTCHA, but
>  > exposes you to attacks
>  > and lowers your anonimity chances.
>  >
>  Right. But be realistic, even if you are surfing the
>  CIA' s website or to top it the FBI (have more VEDA if
>  you know what that is), they wouldn' t sniff you. Why
>  should they? And if, what are the sniffed infos worth?
>  In most cases nearly NULL!
>  To me it is pure nonsense to use tor and try to
>  register with digg. That is idiotic to me!
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