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Re: German Tor-Exitnode mailinglist (exitnodes@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Well, germany and tor.

I know that there are a lot of tor servers and i know
they are fast and frequently used. But i would never
ever use a german exit node. NEVER!

I for myself have excluded all german and belgium exit
nodes. I am unsure about the german authorities and
their wild activities against terrorism, copyright
issues and the whole internet, maybe the day will come
and germany introduces its own internet that is OFF
for the world and the world is OFF from germany.

Yes, i use proxies from china. :)


--- Tobias Mueller <muelli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Tor Folks,
> I'd like to announce the existence of a dedicated
> mailinglist for german
> Exit-Nodes. The CCC hosts a mailinglist whichs topic
> is the running of
> Exit-Nodes in Germany. Everyone can subscribe the
> list by mailing to
> exitnodes-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx and write to the
> list by using
> exitnodes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> And again for the Krauts:
> Der CCC betreibt eine Mailingliste, deren
> thematischer Schwerpunkt der
> Betrieb von Exit-Nodes ist. Jeder kann die Liste
> mittels einer Mail an
> exitnodes-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx abbonieren und dann
> Mails an die Liste
> exitnodes@xxxxxxxxxxxx schicken und mitdiskutieren.
> Die Mailingliste
> lebt vom Mitmachen.
> Cheers,
>   Muelli (runs exitnodes on meatbox and serverbox)

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