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Re: German Tor-Exitnode mailinglist (exitnodes@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Dieter Zinke wrote:
> Well, germany and tor.
> I know that there are a lot of tor servers and i know
> they are fast and frequently used. But i would never
> ever use a german exit node. NEVER!

Would you use exit-servers from Denmark? We also have data retention,
although not the exact same law as in Germany (but implemented from the
same EU-directive).

You should lobby the EU politicians in the parliament - there is a lack
of interest groups explaining the problems to them (i was just down
there for some weeks ago with a danish interest group. The politicians
told us that groups like us are very rare, and that they only get input
from big companies etc. with economic interests). So get up from the
chair and lobby, course nobody else is doing it! :-)

Georg Sluyterman