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Re: same exit node on all circuits?

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 10:30:47PM +0100, lester psigal wrote:
>> hi,
>> what's going on with the or network when all on all circuits always
>> the same exit node is established (when strict exit nodes is set but
>> the node in question is not in the 'white-list' of allowed exit nodes)??
> Most likely you're looking at the list of circuits in Vidalia's network
> map. That list includes both "exit" circuits and "internal" circuits.
> The internal circuits are kept around for hidden service requests and
> other requests that don't actually exit the Tor network.
> And since internal circuits don't "exit", they ignore your whitelist of
> allowed exit nodes.
> As to why it's the same one several times in a row for you, a) probably
> coincidence, and b) there are a few dozen really fast Tor servers that
> are involved in a lot of the action.
> --Roger
thank you very much for the fast reply,
indeed, it did look strange too me and i've never seen such behaviour of
tor before as for every circuit closed a new was established with the
same exit node again....

p.s. sorry, for the wrong posting, actually it was meant as new topic
     and not as a reply to the thread it is now