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Re: same exit node on all circuits?

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 10:30:47PM +0100, lester psigal wrote:
> hi,
> what's going on with the or network when all on all circuits always
> the same exit node is established (when strict exit nodes is set but
> the node in question is not in the 'white-list' of allowed exit nodes)??

Most likely you're looking at the list of circuits in Vidalia's network
map. That list includes both "exit" circuits and "internal" circuits.
The internal circuits are kept around for hidden service requests and
other requests that don't actually exit the Tor network.

And since internal circuits don't "exit", they ignore your whitelist of
allowed exit nodes.

As to why it's the same one several times in a row for you, a) probably
coincidence, and b) there are a few dozen really fast Tor servers that
are involved in a lot of the action.