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Re: How do I volunteer? #6 Improvements on our active browser configuration tester

Rochester TOR Admin wrote:
> I've been doing some work on a better system to check the privacy of a
> browser [server side DNS tests, flash tests, etc] and humbly think that I
> may have some good contributions.
> Looking at the tor volunteer page
> <http://www.torproject.org/volunteer.html.en>i see that #6 is the task of
> improving the active browser configuration tester and that it was last
> updated 3/11/08.
> Is there anyone I can contact to see if my time and skills are a benefit to
> this task?


If you're discussing "Improvements on our active browser configuration
tester," we would probably want to start by documenting the false
positives and the false negatives. There is currently a very basic test
written in perl to query the exitlist.torproject.org DNS server.

If you're also interested in discussing the privacy/security of the
actual browser configuration:
Have you already taken a look at the code from the metasploit team?
They've created some DNS, flash, java and javacript attacks that serve
as a good starting point for a nice test. This is listed under the
header of "Testing integration of Tor with web browsers for our end
users" on the volunteer page.

You can shoot an email here on or-talk, to tor-assistants or directly to