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Re: Tor and Firefox 3

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On 13/03/08 00:07, defcon wrote:
| Hey all, I have been using Firefox 3 from the early beta's and I
| absolutely love torbutton dev version *but* it does not work correctly
| with Firefox 3 in linux, what is a good alternative for the torrbutton
| firefox addon?

One alternative is a combination of the following addons:

* FoxyProxy: Allows to configure several proxies with lists of which
domains should use which proxy (or no proxy). For instance, it is
possible to make all domains go through Tor except those you have added
to the "no proxy"-white list (or the "Tor proxy"-black list). Thus it
becomes possible to visit untrusted sites (through Tor) and trusted
sites (without Tor) simultaneously, which would require constant
flipping of the Torbutton.

* NoScript: Blocks javascript, java, flash etc. globally. Provides a
nice interface to allow these plugins for the current site (if you trust
it), either permanently or temporary (for the current sesstion only).

* CS Lite: Like NoScript but for cookies.

* RefControl: Has a nice "Forging" feature which changes the http
referer to the destination site's domain. Otherwise it's possible to see
which site you come from when following a link.

It should be noted that while this approach might be more flexible and
powerful than simply using Torbutton, it requires much more from the
user in terms of knowledge and understanding of how Tor works. It's
probably easier to screw up too.


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