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Re: Tor and Firefox 3

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On 17/03/08 21:38, sigi wrote:
| Hi,
| On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 07:16:22PM +0100, anonym wrote:
|> On 13/03/08 00:07, defcon wrote:
|> | Hey all, I have been using Firefox 3 from the early beta's and I
|> | absolutely love torbutton dev version *but* it does not work correctly
|> | with Firefox 3 in linux, what is a good alternative for the torrbutton
|> | firefox addon?
|> One alternative is a combination of the following addons:
|> * FoxyProxy: [...]
|> * NoScript: [...]
|> * CS Lite: [...]
|> * RefControl: [...]
| Does this mean, that I can securely remove all addons from above, if I
| use torbutton?

Only if you use the development version of Torbutton (i.e. versions
1.1.x). The current stable version (1.0.4) does not provide with any
functionality for securing javascript, cookies etc. so with the old
version you _should_ use NoScript, CS Lite and RefControl.

| Until now, I used them all at the same time... was that a stupid
| decision, and they all could have conflicted with torbutton in any way?

If you have used the development version of Torubtton there can indeed
have been conflicts and stuff went wrong, possibly without you noticing.
As per the FAQ at https://torbutton.torproject.org/dev/ it is not
recommended to use Torbutton in conjunction with NoScript. RefControl
should be cool, but I don't know about CS Lite.

FoxyProxy and Torbutton doesn't make much sense combining IMHO. And as
per the warning in the FAQ, one has to be very careful when using
FoxyProxy with Tor. Personally I only use it for protection against mass
surveillance systems, google etc. for casual browsing. If I ever do
something important where I want more security, I disable the FoxyProxy
filters and switch to all Tor, no scripts and no cookies and so on.

| regards,
| sigi.

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