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Re: Tor and Firefox 3

Thus spake defcon (defconoii@xxxxxxxxx):

> Hey all, I have been using Firefox 3 from the early beta's and I
> absolutely love torbutton dev version *but* it does not work correctly
> with Firefox 3 in linux, what is a good alternative for the torrbutton
> firefox addon?

I've had some success using Torbutton-alpha with the latest Firefox
3.0b4. The bug with toggling Tor state (which was due to Firefox Bug
413682) seems fixed. For some reason, the crash detection that depends
on the same component of that bug is *not* working, though..

There are likely lots of other subtle bugs with components and events
not working the same though.. It's going to take a while to provide
the same level of security with FF3 as FF2. Basically we'll need to
re-verify all the various protections still pass, and they are sort of
scattered about the web right now.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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