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Tor server behind NAT on Vista,, few configuration questions..

  Hello Tor developers and experienced users
As an experiment, I a attempting to run a Tor server on windows Vista home premium (I have to wait for another machine to run RedHat Linux Fedora) behind a NAT firewall.
  Although I am new to the D-Link hardware firewall I believe I did open ports 443, 9030, 9001 to both incoming and outgoing traffic and so enable my machine running Vista to work as a Tor server. At this point I am restricting all traffic to other Tor servers until I solve some troublesome issues.
  Tor log says Dir port reachable, but can't reach OrPort,, Bandwidth graph shows a few bursts of activity, then none. (?)
Humm, will go back to the firewall permissions and look for error, if anyone sees obvious err, please say :),,
  Will post results of Tor server on Vista OS,,

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