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Re: [ANN] Vidalia and Mixminion repository for ubuntu

Okay problem fixed in the new version of the package. Just update. :)

I made tor a dependencie of vidalia. So if you install vidalia tor will be installed before (if you haven't installed it by yourself before). Then in the postint-scripts I'm checking if tor is running and if it is, tor will be closed and removed from the runlevels.

Any feedback welcome.


Here's the postinst-script:

#!/bin/sh -e

if pgrep -x tor;then
  echo "Tor is already running. This will not work with vidalia so I'm trying to kill it and because it could be a service I'm trying to remove it from the runlevels."
  pkill -x tor
  echo "The tor-service is not running. That's fine. But nevertheless I'm trying to remove it from the runlevels."
update-rc.d -f tor remove