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Re: Exit node to add to ExcludeNodes

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 03:36:55PM -0400, lg2005@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The exit node ling
> Location: Wuhan, CN
> IP Address:
> Platform: Tor on Windows XP Service Pack 2 [workstation] {terminal services, single user}
> Bandwidth: 213 KB/s
> Uptime: 1 days 19 hours 7 mins 7 secs
> Tries to forge SSL certificate

Nice. That one's got a lot of bandwidth for a Chinese relay getting
mitm'ed by its ISP.

I've listed it as !badexit on moria1 and moria2. Once another authority
lists it too, it'll be marked that way.

(We really need to get more automated exit scanning going. There are
some promising GSoC projects that aim to do that.)