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GSoC proposal


I published two proposals to work with Tor during the Google Summer of Code.

The first one is about coding "moniTor", a top-like tool showing data on a Tor relay. You can see my complete proposal here : http://www.struegel.net/gsoc/moniTor.pdf, and in the Google webapp.

The second proposal is about porting OnionCoffee (Java implementation of Tor) to Android, and update it to support latest Tor's protocols. The complete proposal : http://www.struegel.net/gsoc/Help%20revive%20an%20independent%20Tor%20client%20implementation.pdf .

About me : I am a 26 years old student at Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, in M.S. computer science named "applications & computers networks".

I hope you will find my proposals interesting. Don't hesitate to give me a comment.