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Re: Tor is out

>  The other part that changed in r14238/9 is that osx users no longer have
>  Vidalia set to start on login automatically.  This is because the
>  installer runs as root via sudo, and the proper command, "defaults",
>  won't run correctly in a sudo shell.  The fix for this may be to install
>  the vidalia bundle into $HOME and not assume people use OSX like a
>  multi-user unix system, but rather each user runs their own tor/vidalia
>  setup.  Of course, if two or more people use the same OSX system, the
>  first one to startup vidalia/tor wins. The second, and subsequent, users
>  will receive errors indicating the Tor ports are already taken.

Isn't a better solution to ask, "Should this be system-wide affecting
all users, or only for the current user?" during install?