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Re: Questions about gathering information and statistics about the tor-network

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Hi Martin,

who maintains TorStatus these days? Is it you, Kasimir, both, even more
people...? :) Is there a mailing list, IRC channel, or some other way to
contact you rather than or-talk?

none wrote:
> I tried something similar recently. My approach was to monitor the
> infrastructure only, as this is public knowledge, and collect no
> informations on the clients whatsoever. I incorporated this monitoring
> already into TorStatus. Check out the SVN of TorStatus for the
> implementation and see the trunk version of TorStatus @
> http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/ or
> http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/network_history.php
> It is not yet perfect. The timeslot for updating is too short, so the
> graphs look frayed. Short summary:
>     * collect the total number of running, running exits, running guards
>       and running fast servers and save them in an RRD over time.
>     * On the top 11 countries these values are collected as well.

Looks like a great start to me!

Right now, I'm investigating options to display more statistics about
the Tor network: https://www.torproject.org/projects/metrics . TorStatus
seems to be a promising tool for that.

What would you say, how hard would it be to add router descriptors from
the past years to the database and make nice graphs from them? I have
written a Java application to feed descriptor archives into a PostgreSQL
database that could be adapted to MySQL and the TorStatus schema.

Also, how hard would it be to add more graphs displaying other
information than the numbers of servers with certain flags? For an
example what output I'm interested in, see the evaluation of the 2008
data: http://freehaven.net/~karsten/metrics/dirarch-2009-02-11.pdf

And finally, how extensible is TorStatus regarding other data than
descriptor archives? Given that there are other interesting data about
the Tor network than what relays advertise, would it be feasible to
extend the TorStatus database and add more graphs?

- --Karsten
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