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Re: Questions about gathering information and statistics about the tor-network


It is mainly maintained by Kasimir, I'm just responsible for the TOR
History stuff. Best way to reach us is by mail ...

Greetz, ;-) Martin

Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> who maintains TorStatus these days? Is it you, Kasimir, both, even more
> people...? :) Is there a mailing list, IRC channel, or some other way to
> contact you rather than or-talk?
> none wrote:
> > I tried something similar recently. My approach was to monitor the
> > infrastructure only, as this is public knowledge, and collect no
> > informations on the clients whatsoever. I incorporated this monitoring
> > already into TorStatus. Check out the SVN of TorStatus for the
> > implementation and see the trunk version of TorStatus @
> > http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/ or
> > http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/network_history.php
> > It is not yet perfect. The timeslot for updating is too short, so the
> > graphs look frayed. Short summary:
> >     * collect the total number of running, running exits, running guards
> >       and running fast servers and save them in an RRD over time.
> >     * On the top 11 countries these values are collected as well.
> Looks like a great start to me!
> Right now, I'm investigating options to display more statistics about
> the Tor network: https://www.torproject.org/projects/metrics . TorStatus
> seems to be a promising tool for that.
> What would you say, how hard would it be to add router descriptors from
> the past years to the database and make nice graphs from them? I have
> written a Java application to feed descriptor archives into a PostgreSQL
> database that could be adapted to MySQL and the TorStatus schema.
> Also, how hard would it be to add more graphs displaying other
> information than the numbers of servers with certain flags? For an
> example what output I'm interested in, see the evaluation of the 2008
> data: http://freehaven.net/~karsten/metrics/dirarch-2009-02-11.pdf
> And finally, how extensible is TorStatus regarding other data than
> descriptor archives? Given that there are other interesting data about
> the Tor network than what relays advertise, would it be feasible to
> extend the TorStatus database and add more graphs?
> Thanks!
> --Karsten