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SSL question (Problem?)

I was connected to a secure website using TOR and saw that the Firefox certificate icon was broken, a message saying that some elements are not going to ssl.

That looked strange, as the site is a bank and I was checking my account. I looked at the Vidalia panel and hadn't the time to see the exit node, I could just see "Sofia BG" as the circuit closed at this time :(

I immediately logged out, and logged in again without Tor, changed all my access code. 

In direct connection, no problem with the SSL icon.

Logged out and connected again through Tor 3 times, changing exit node at every time, no more SSL icon problem.

What can have happened exactly? I think that if the exit node changed the initial bank certificate for HIS certificate, I should receive a warning by the browser, no? Anyway that couldn't probably explain the fact that the SSL icon was broken.