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Re: Abuse ticket

I have gotten two abuse complaints relating to posting of spam onto Craigslist
via my Tor exit node.  In each case i sent the complainant and my ISP a note about 
Tor (modified EFF DMCA response) as well as a suggestion that part of the problem
is the website's failure to require users to authenticate and confirm postings.
Forum users can be anonymous but still maintain a solid internet reputation.
Even anonymous users can be identified and located based on repeated abusive 
behaviour at other forums.

Also, it would be overkill for the website to ban the entire IP space of your
VPS provider since they need only ban the IP that your Tor node has (or all Tor
exits e.g. using TorDNSEL service https://www.torproject.org/tordnsel/index.html.en)

Good luck!

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 01:18:10AM +0100, slush wrote:
>    Hi,
>    Im running Tor on VPS and I have some problems with abusive Tor traffic.
>    Firstly, I had problem with DMCA and BitTorrents, so I close non-HTTP(s)
>    ports and everything was OK for few months. Now, some dumbass wrote
>    abusive message to some web forum, which was reported to police. They
>    located my server as source. Last message from VPS admin is:
>    -----------------------
>    Hello Marek
>    While running a Tor node is not against our TOS, allowing traffic to pass
>    through your servers that results in our IP space being banned certainly
>    is.
>    This is your first abuse ticket, so we will set it to auto-close in 48
>    hours. �If we do receive additional complaints we will need to ask you to
>    remove Tor from your Linode.
>    Regards,
>    *********
>    --------------------------
>    I dont want to close HTTP ports 8-), but next report of abusive traffic
>    will lead to shutting down Tor or whole VPS :-(. So is there any "best
>    practice", what I should do now? DMCA response is probably not fitting to
>    this issue...
>    Thanks,
>    Marek