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Re: Abuse ticket

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 01:18:10AM +0100, slush@xxxxxxxx wrote 2.3K bytes in 60 lines about:
: Im running Tor on VPS and I have some problems with abusive Tor traffic.

In five years of running a node, I had my share of these too.  From
abusive forum posts to stupid people trying to break into .mil sites.  I
probably had 1 abuse complaint for every 10 TB of traffic served through
Tor.  That's a pretty good ratio of good vs. bad.  

In most cases, I asked the ISP to let me directly contact the person
reporting the abuse and sent a completed dmca reponse based on the
EFF DMCA template, a link to the Tor abuse faq, and an explanation why
even banning all of Tor will do no good to stop abuse.  Jerks who want
to abuse someone will do it regardless of tor; they can use any number
of open proxies, any number of vpn providers, use a friend's computer,

I always said to the abuse reporter that if they felt the need to ban,
at least make it temporary.  Banning a huge swath of IP space for one
abusive post is just stupid.  If you're going to be stupid like that,
at least be temporarily stupid.  Eventually, the forum admin will ban
so much IP space their forum traffic will suffer.