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Re: Abuse ticket

Am 17.03.2009 um 04:59 schrieb phobos@xxxxxxxxxx:
In five years of running a node, I had my share of these too.  From
abusive forum posts to stupid people trying to break into .mil sites. I probably had 1 abuse complaint for every 10 TB of traffic served through

Not if the abuse caused 5TB of traffic. You are comparing the number of events with the number of bytes.

Tor.  That's a pretty good ratio of good vs. bad.

This statement assumes that only complained traffic is bad traffic, which is wrong of course.

I read this kind of argumentation many times and I don't like it. I'm a fan of Tor, but even more I'm a fan of clean and reasonable arguments.

Still, the ratio of complained to total traffic can be a good argument for Tor. But we should be able to defend Tor also if it has a high abuse rate. At the moment Tors moderate performance requires a relatively strong interest in order to use it. My experience is that, because of this, people only use Tor in the moment they specifically want to hide something, but not for the general Internet connections. Since a criminal usually has a strong interest to hide something, I expect the proportion of criminal traffic to be quite high, especially in countries with a stable freedom of speech.


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