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Re: Abuse ticket

Am 17.03.2009 um 17:07 schrieb phobos@xxxxxxxxxx:

something, but not for the general Internet connections. Since a criminal usually has a strong interest to hide something, I expect the proportion
of criminal traffic to be quite high, especially in countries with a
stable freedom of speech.

Criminals have vastly more opportunities to hide their traffic than
just using Tor. They're already willing to break the laws, most normal people aren't. I've talked to victims of domestic abuse and targets of
e-stalkers, who even after everything they've endured, won't break the
laws.  They won't break the laws even when it's in their best interest
to be safe.  Criminals will always abuse a system for their own gains
and move on to the next thing.

Yes sure, but just to make that clear, I didn't say with a single word, that Tor "produces" criminal acts, but it collects them without doubts, since it's very secure and easy to use. Of course criminals don't use Tor because it's legal, but because it's very effective, even compared with illegal options.


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