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Re: Abuse ticket

Eh, wrong mailbox :]. Marek

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Marek Palatinus <marek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you everybody. There were many good ideas. One of the worst solution is to close next and next exit ports, because by this, Tor will be closed network without bridges to Internet one day.

I also think it is not good idea to specify only allowed destinations, because there are thooousands of interesting sites and I cannot judge, which are better than others.

But somebody wrote good idea - contact forum's admin and tell him, that blocking whole ISP's IP range is absolutely out of reasonable solution. So I wrote mail to my ISP with request for contact and I will try to go this way. I believe it is also good act for my ISP, because he really dont want to be blocked in some blacklists.

Until it will be clear, I closed 80/443 ports, but it is of course temporary.