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My GSoC idea


I'm Balsa Raicevic and I study at Belgrade University. I'm considering applying for project "Translation wiki".

I have an idea how to parse wml files and collect strings, and output them to po-style string so you can use Pootle to translate them. The two approaches I have in mind are:

1) make a Perl parser, to collect string from a wml file, and a hash of originals and replacements appropriate for po-style strings. Then we could parse the strings, replace with the appropriate tokens, and give to pootle as arguments to translate.
2) make a grammar in yacc to recognize the wml format, using lex parser, where we could use c++ actions inserted in yacc to easily generate the final string, which we could pass to Pootle automaticly at the end of every string (also using yacc actions), and do with the result whatever is needed.
I think that both approaches to this problem have a great flexibility, it is only a matter of exactly what do you think is needed.

What do you think of my approach? Do you think I'm on the right track :)?

Thanks ahead for replying,