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[Fwd: Re: Howto limit number of connections?]

Scott Bennett wrote:

     You didn't give any information about the tor version number, your
operating system and version, or your local network configuration.  I got
around the electronics store router limitations by hooking my my FreeBSD
system directly and using it as the router.  By the command you mentioned,
it appears that you are running some version of UNIX or LINUX, too, so you
might be able to something similar.

My tor-version is and I'm running on FreeBSD RELEASE-7.1.
The SiteCom router is provided by my ISP and is also used as wireless
accesspoint for a few laptops, wireless printer and all my telefony stuff.
The FreeBSD-box is connected to one of the fixed ports on the router.

It's a nice idea to use FreeBSD as primary router (or something else as
Eugen Leitl suggested, thank you) but I'm not sure if I'm able to make
it all work. Besides that, my ISP has probably some security hooks in
place related to the MAC-address of the router. So, going this way, I
might screw up. Besides that, my FreeBSD-box will be "promoted"
to a production status and I won't be free to "play" (i.e. reboot) with it
the way I used to.

Anyway, thanks for the answers!