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Re: News from my Tor Server raid

phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:46:05AM +0100, morphium@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.4K bytes in 13 lines about:
: On the SAME day, a letter of the state attorney was sent to me
: (arrived yesterday), stating I can pick my things they raided about 20
: months ago, on 1. of april (is that a joke now?) because they (the
: state attorney) has lifted the embargo. The raid 20 months ago was due
: to "spreading childporn" (running a Tor node).

To clarify, were you raided because you ran a Tor node or because your
IP address showed up in a website logfile (which was collected by the
police during their anti-child porn sweep)?

Do you mean that isn't the same?!