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Re: News from my Tor Server raid

> Did your problems take place in Germany or in another country?

In Germany

> How they explain their actions (juddiacally)?

Owning/spreading Child Porn

> Is there the legislation persued persons for making tor servers in your country?

It's allowed to run Tor servers in germany.

> Or thay
> only explain their actions as actions for fighting spreading childporn only?


> What are the judically causes for retention your computers for such long
> term?

Because they haven't been analyzed yet. That was the last response few
months ago.

> Have you done any legal acts for returning your machines?

I'm sure my lawyer did.

> I think that if it take place in the state which is a member of the Council
> of Europe it is possible to bring an apeal to the European Court of Human
> Rights against the breaking by your state art. 1 Prot. 1 of European
> Convention for Protecting Human Rights.
> If you want I can examine a question about representing you at the above
> Court pro bono.

Are you living in germany? We should mail private about this one I
think. I'm interested :)

> preading childporn


Best regards,