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Gsoc Ideas


I'm Li Dong and I study at Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. I'm considering applying for project "Tor Controller Status Event Interface" .

Tor Controller Status Event Interface
I had done some UI development with Qt in a project, and I had read most of the Vidalia source code. So I think I may do this job well.
Approach: put a little blinking badge on Vidalia's tray icon that alerts the user to new status events they should look at. 


1 develop the UI part of a dialog to show recent status event to the users; develop the slot to handle the status changing signals emitted by tor.

2 list the events and possible operation options and tips; this part may be implemented in two ways: one is that tips are provided as signal parameters by tor process; the other is to create a table to map the events to tips/operations

3 according to the operations chosen by the user, emit proper signals to tor



What do you think of my approach?

Thanks ahead for replying,

Li Dong