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Re: Torlock - a simple script to prevent outgoing packets from bypassing Tor.

On 03/01/10 11:38, Kyle Williams wrote:
You might want to look at JanusVM.

I can't quite tell; I'm guessing that JanusVM uses a VPN(TUN/TAP) to redirect all host packets to the VM - thereby blocking any "loose" packets? (any non-TOR interaction with the ISP - which may be a hotspot)?



This script, named Torlock, does the following things when used to start
- Creates a special user named torlock by default (if you run it first time
  or have removed that user after previous Tor session).
- Uses Iptables to block network access for everyone except for torlock.
- Setuids to torlock and starts Tor. Tor will be started in background mode,
  and its output redirected to a file.

When used to stop Tor, it stops Tor, unlocks network access, and
removes torlock user.
Nice!  Thank You
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