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Re: Question about signing & verifying

On 3/13/10, ilter yÃksel <ilteryuksel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've question about signing especially for signing router-descriptor;
> Is the router "signing-key" using to prepare a router's signature with
> digest algorithm? If so then does an OR sign it's router descriptor with
> it's signature? Finally can we say right for below sequence?
> "signing-key" ---- digest algorithm --- > "router-signature"
> initial "router-descriptor" ----- sign with "router-signature" --- > signed
> "router-descriptor"

Selamlar Älter,

Actually it is

descriptor ---> digest function
private key --->  RSA engine ----> signature

> After that how a directory authority verify whether the router descriptor is
> self-signed?

RSA engine  ---> recovered digest  ?=?  digest function <--- descriptor
public key (signing-key)

To demonstrate, in Java you might do something like:


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