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Re: repetitive address change message

At 03:30 -0600 on 2010-03-02, Scott Bennett wrote:
> However, once reconnected, my computer got a brand-new IP address assigned
> on a net I didn't know belonged to them.  Shortly afterward, inadyn noticed
> the change and updated the A RR at dyndns.org to reflect the new address.
> Soon after that update, tor noticed the change and issued the following
> pair of messages:
> Mar 01 23:29:57.619 [notice] Your IP address seems to have changed to
> Updating.
> Mar 01 23:29:57.619 [notice] Our IP Address has changed from
> to; rebuilding descriptor (source: resolve).
> Mar 02 03:18:42.113 [notice] Our IP Address has changed from
> to; rebuilding descriptor (source: resolve).
> These messages appear to be issued a tad over 15 min. apart.  I'm running
> on FreeBSD 7.3-PRELEASE.
> ...
>      Does anyone have any clue why these messages are being issued?

The DNS nexus suggests it might be related to changes I noticed after
upgrading to on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

My host's name does not resolve to an IP address due to a dynamic DNS
failure.  I've no ETR on that (and it might have been the case for months).

tor complains, and logs (at info level or lower) that it's trying
something else.  tor complains also, but then picks an apparently
random address.  This typically fails other checks, so it repeats.  It logs
these "changes" at notice level.

The bug I filed is here:


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