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Android Tor packages


The Tor Project has been working very closely with Nathan Freitas and
The Guardian Project to create an Android release. This is an early beta
release and is not yet suitable for high security needs. The Android web
browser is not protected by Torbutton and we have not yet developed an
anonymous browser on the Android platform. Please be cautious with this
release, it's probably pretty fragile and it's certainly not ready for
serious use.

We've codenamed the Tor on Android project Orbot; Orbot is a single
Android package that provides a new Tor controller, Privoxy as our
trusty little HTTP proxy, libevent, and Tor itself. This Android package
is using the C reference implementation of Tor. Orbot should be orders
of magnitude safer than other Tor implementations on Android and it's
our official release. Everything you'll need for using Tor is in the
package. :-)

We now have a webpage that discusses the Orbot Android package in some

Orbot has some commonly used features such as support for bridges. It
also has advanced features such as per application Torification on
modified devices (commonly called 'rooted' phones). It has been tested
on Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and on non-standard customized builds of
Android. We think we've ironed out most of the kinks but we're looking
for some community feedback from devices in the wild. We'd especially
like to hear about the UI and what applications you commonly use with Tor.

When Orbot is successfully installed and running, it should provide a
few standard interfaces to interface with the Tor network. Privoxy
listens on - it's chained to the standard Tor SOCKS proxy
on In addition, we have a DNSPort on port 5400. The
DNSPort is most commonly used by the automagical per application
Torification. These ports may change in the future; if they conflict
with other common and popular applications, we'd like to hear about it.

Our official builds are available from our website. As per our usual
style of package releases, we're releasing the .apk package with gpg


If you'd simply like the latest Android package, please visit this url:


If you have the barcode scanner, you'll be able to directly load the
latest package by scanning the following QR code:


We plan to release Orbot in the Google Market in the near future. The
Orbot package you install from our website and the application in the
Market should be identical. In addition to the GPG signature, the .apk
files contain a digital signature. If you're feeling reasonably
paranoid, it's probably a fine idea to download the .apk from our
website, check the gpg signature, and then install the package on your
device manually.

If you'd like to reproduce our builds from source, we've documented the
build process here:


If you'd like to read more about Orbot, we suggest you check out the
source and start hacking around:

svn co https://svn.torproject.org/svn/projects/android/trunk/ android/

Please remember that this is an early beta and please let us know about
the bugs you experience!


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