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Re: Android Tor packages

Marco Bonetti wrote:
> Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
>> The Tor Project has been working very closely with Nathan Freitas and
>> The Guardian Project to create an Android release. 
> congrats!


>> We've codenamed the Tor on Android project Orbot; Orbot is a single
>> Android package that provides a new Tor controller, Privoxy as our
>> trusty little HTTP proxy, libevent, and Tor itself.
> another http proxy switch between polipo and privoxy! ;-)
> I'd like to know if there are any specific reasons for this time choice,
> like hardware support or ease of compilation or whatever. Maybe polipo
> timeouts when chained to Tor which were mentioned some times ago?

It was largely an arbitrary choice at the time we started working on
Orbot (sometime last fall).

> Congratulations, again, for the release: Tor on mobile devices is great.

Thanks. What's your interest and focus for a mobile Tor?


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