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New ban of tor-exit-nodes -IPs by the LiveJournal

Many IP-addresses of exit-nodes of the Tor was banned from access to the
LJ today.
We have the next information when trying to connect with it:
"You've been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps
because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that
you're following our Bot Policy <http://www.livejournal.com/bots/>. If
you have questions, contact us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the
following information: CMTGP7urjSahlts @ xx.xx.xx.xx

I think that it is a new, latent method to restrict access to the LJ
through the Tor which certainly established by order of Putin's and
Medvedev's junta gived to the "SUP".
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