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Error / bug on latest Ver

I have been getting this error:

Mar 07 10:12:03.984 [Warning] router_orport_found_reachable(): Bug:
ORPort found reachable, but I have no routerinfo yet. Failing to
inform controller of success.

[10:12:03] Tor Software Error - The Tor software encountered an
internal bug. Please report the following error message to the Tor
developers at bugs.torproject.org: ""

The 1st time was right after it came out. I had to reboot and the
error showed up again. I have made no changes. I have notice that it
has drastically slowed down the amount of user access. It all happened
after the install. right now Ver .23 was performing better than this
new one. Any ideas?

This is being run on Win 2k. I am kind of afraid to install on my exit
server until there is fix, if needed.

Any Ideas?

I have made a report to the bug tracker - Task #1268

Thanks  :)
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