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Re: FF updates and add-ons and others minor problems


I encountered the same problem earlier. To disable upgrading Firefox
while working via Tor, I installed the Torbutton plugin, then
activated "Disable plugins during Tor usage" switch. Inspite of that
flag isn't marked as important, I feel more secure when it's turned

2010/3/5, zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx <zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>  Hello.
>  Is this normal? Does anyone know about this or has had it happen to them?
> Firefox started installing version 3.0.18 (I was running 3.0.17), on my Mac
> (10.5.2), while I was in Hidden Services waiting for Onion Forum to open.
> It caught me by surprise and finished the install but then another window
> popped open and showed me it was putting on Add-ons which I cancelled.
> I regularly check my FF preferences, so did immediately and nothing is
> checked, especially automatically updating or adding add-ons without asking
> first.
> Also, in Vidalia's Message Log window, it used to show the progress of
> "getting enough information to build a circuit" but now, and in no time at
> all (less then 3 seconds), the Control Panel says Tor is connected and the
> message log never says anything, other than the initial starting up logs,
> i.r.  "this is experimental software", "opening SOCKS", etc.
> Generally, I always copy and paste my onion addresses and for that matter I
> do it all the time when I surf at all. In this way, I look at the address
> before hitting enter and lately have seen lots of addresses in the Onion
> Forum with "redirects" in the address bar.
> Before I closed out, I went to Torproject to check my IP and it was
> different so that made me feel a bit better. I used to do the IP check right
> after connecting Tor but the address would be the same IP as my last session
> and I was told doing something habitually makes an address/client/user
> (mine/me), stand out.
> Thanks in advance. Hope what I gave is enough info. Next time I'll take a
> snapshot of it all.
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