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FF updates and add-ons and others minor problems


Is this normal? Does anyone know about this or has had it happen to them?

Firefox started installing version 3.0.18 (I was running 3.0.17), on my Mac (10.5.2), while I was in Hidden Services waiting for Onion Forum to open.
It caught me by surprise and finished the install but then another window popped open and showed me it was putting on Add-ons which I cancelled.

I regularly check my FF preferences, so did immediately and nothing is checked, especially automatically updating or adding add-ons without asking first.

Also, in Vidalia's Message Log window, it used to show the progress of "getting enough information to build a circuit" but now, and in no time at all (less then 3 seconds), the Control Panel says Tor is connected and the message log never says anything, other than the initial starting up logs, i.r.  "this is experimental software", "opening SOCKS", etc.

Generally, I always copy and paste my onion addresses and for that matter I do it all the time when I surf at all. In this way, I look at the address before hitting enter and lately have seen lots of addresses in the Onion Forum with "redirects" in the address bar.

Before I closed out, I went to Torproject to check my IP and it was different so that made me feel a bit better. I used to do the IP check right after connecting Tor but the address would be the same IP as my last session and I was told doing something habitually makes an address/client/user (mine/me), stand out.

Thanks in advance. Hope what I gave is enough info. Next time I'll take a snapshot of it all.