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clock error


I'm posting part of my question from a couple of days ago because with it I noticed my clock was supposedly off, according to the message log.
However, it is set to automatically set or adjust to the time zone I am in.
Just wondering if the above and what's below are related and if my clock is set for properly setting itself, how do I adjust it? Sorry for my trivial questions.

From a couple of days ago:
Is this normal? Does anyone know about this or has had it happen to them?

Firefox started installing version 3.0.18 (I was running 3.0.17), on my Mac (10.5.2), while I was in Hidden Services waiting for Onion Forum to open.
It caught me by surprise and finished the install but then another window popped open and showed me it was putting on Add-ons which I cancelled.

I regularly check my FF preferences, so did immediately and nothing is checked, especially automatically updating or adding add-ons without asking first.

Thanks for any help.