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Re: Fault-Based Attack of RSA Authentication

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basile wrote:
> I thought this might be of interest to the list.   Pellegrini, Bertacco
> and Austin at U of Michigan have found an interesting way to deduce the
> secret key by fluctuating a device's power supply.  Its a minimal threat
> against servers, but against hand held devices its more practical.  The
> openssl people say there's an easy fix by salting.
Looks like against hand devices has already been done  ;-)
I submitted your links to my friend Barenghi of Politecnico di Milano
who is researching in this field: last year they ran this kind of
attack against a SPEAr Head200 development board, equipped with an
ARM926EJ-S running on Linux 2.6.15. Results on RSA attacks are published
here: http://home.dei.polimi.it/barenghi/files/FDTC2009.pdf
While he was at it, he also added that they'll publish soon newer
attacks against AES 128, 192 and 256, quite impressing stuff! Which has
just been pubblished as a technical report at:


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