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Re: Full bandwidth is not used.

Am Dienstag, den 16.03.2010, 18:51 +0100 schrieb Gitano:
> Paul Menzel wrote:
> >>> It is a virtual machine ...
> > Is it safe to say, that it is a client problem that they do not use my
> > server?
> 1. On vservers there are many resource limits. Please check: 'cat
> /proc/user_beancounters'.

Xen is used on the server, so I do not have that file. I checked for CPU
and RAM usage and enough is available.

> 2. Have you read 'http://www.webtropia.com/home/faq.html?article=366'? I
> don't believe that you have reached the traffic limit, but this could be
> another reason.

I knew about it. But I have not come close to that limit yet and traffic
is well below that limit.



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