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BIND down, weird IPs pop up on tor.log

Hi, something really weird has happened to my tor node.
I was restarting BIND, wich serves as dns in my LAN, on another machine.

Around the same time I found these two lines in /var/log/tor/tor.log:

Mar 22 10:29:18.806 [notice] Your IP address seems to have changed
to Updating.
Mar 22 10:29:18.832 [notice] Your IP address seems to have changed
to Updating.

I wonder where these IPs came from, and how this could be related to
BIND being down at the very moment.

$whois says that those are IPs from Down Under, but I'm almost
exactly at the other side of the world. Moreover, I can't see any
line later on saying that I went back to my real IP.

Everything seems to be working normally.

Thanks a lot.


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