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Re: [tor-talk] Strange behaviour from Gmail's IP to location service.

On 03/01/2011 03:12 AM, Matthew wrote:
>  In Gmail, one can go to the bottom of the inbox, select details, and
> see account activity such as IPs that are logged in and IPs that were
> recently logged in.  Gmail often - but not always - attempts to connect
> the IP to a location like, for example, www.ip2location.com.

Do you know which location is correct? Geobytes shows freeside to be
in Glendora,CA with certainty 90% and when i use it as my exit node,
news.google.com shows stories for Canada.

Last month i had an exit node which ip2location put in New York, while
geobytes thought i was in Norway and gmail just couldn't tell.

None of these database are 100% right unfotunately.
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