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[tor-talk] Any iranian linux server for testing anti-anti-censorship tool?

Hi all,

a cool friend of mine made Sniffjoke, a very powerful software
(http://www.delirandom.net/sniffjoke/) that apply multiple low-level
techniques to tweak stateful inspection systems used by interception and
censorship tool.

We would be really happy to be able to test it on Iranian networks to
understand if one of the multiple techniques used by Sniffjoke support
the bypassing of their filters at Layer3 (TCP level).

But to make such kind of testing we can use an older (blocked) version
of TOR, but still we would need access to a Linux server for a couple of
days that's located in Iran.

If there's anyone within the list having access to a Linux server in
Iran, possible not behind a firewall/NAT gateway, please contact me
privately so we can arrange some anti-censorship testing.


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