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Re: [tor-talk] server4you

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 07:28:56PM +0100, morphium wrote:
> please move server4you (on this page:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TheOnionRouter/GoodBadISPs)
> from the good to the bad providers.
> Reason: https://www.joachim-breitner.de/blog/archives/478-Tor-exit-node-shut-down-by-server4you.html

Hmm, I think this is a bit of an overreaction. Seems like in this
particular case the counterpart didn't understand what Tor is. 

I myself have a Tor exit node at server4you. I asked in advance if
that's ok and since then I receive abuse mails every now and then which
I answer properly and that's it.

The node is up and running for over a year now.



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