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Re: [tor-talk] server4you

Am 03.03.2011 09:54, schrieb Alexander Bernauer:
> Hmm, I think this is a bit of an overreaction. Seems like in this
> particular case the counterpart didn't understand what Tor is. 

Server4you understand what Tor is. If you were asking the support of
Server4you for an opinion about running a Tor node you will get a clear
answer: "NO!"

Server4you does not like Tor nodes and other anonymisation services
since more than a year.

Old Tor nodes are running until Server4you will have a reason to close
it. A DMCA notice ore some spam reports are enough. Not only Tor is
affected. A JonDonym exit mix was closed by Server4you last year in the
same way (3 spam reports). (Thats our experience.)

> For bigger nodes that might not be a good idea. They have a limit of 5

Small update: you can use 7.5 TByte traffic per month with a Keyweb
node. May be, you can call the support of Keyweb?

Karsten N.
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