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Re: [tor-talk] server4you

Am 02.03.2011 19:28, schrieb morphium:
> please move server4you (on this page:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TheOnionRouter/GoodBadISPs)
> from the good to the bad providers.


I can recommed non-German ISPs like Leaseweb.nl or coolhousing.net (CS)
for German Tor admins. We have no trouble with this ISPs and no trouble
with German police with this Tor nodes.

If you were running a Tor node at a German ISP and you are a German Tor
admin you will get a letter from the police time by time because of
missuse of our service for some small crimes. Somebody buy a book at
Amazon.com and did not pay $30 or stalking or something like that.

It is not a real problem. You have to go the police, explain what you
are doing... But it takes time and nobody like it.

It seems, there is no international police cooperation. The German
police see a non-German IP address and nothing happens. The Netherlands
police will get the information about a German operator of the IP
address and nothing happens too.

Think about a non-German ISP. ;-)

Karsten N.

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