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Re: [tor-talk] GSOC Ideas.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 09:25:02PM -0700, Ian Foster wrote:
> >> become a more lightweight script that can be run on
> >> one's own Tor server(s) to provide information on just
> >> them rather than all servers.
> >
> > That's fine, but the ability to process them all still needs to exist.
> > Also, I could really use a full CSV version with at minimum,
> > fp, country, ip, hostname, bandwidth provisioned, uptime, flags.
> > Selecting those columns does not make it through to the CSV export,
> > and parsing html is a pain. Nor does it allow not showing the (useless)
> > router name.
> Exporting to CSV based of of the filters is an easy task. Is there
> anyone else who would find this useful? If so I'll look into making a
> PHP script that can do that right now. :)

The odds of Tor picking a GSoC student to improve TorStatus are non-zero,
but low.  (To be precise, I wouldn't mentor that project, but I don't know
if somebody else would.)

The better approach for providing Tor network status information is to
extend the metrics website, mostly because the metrics website is
maintained whereas the TorStatus website isn't.  Kevin Berry, one of our
last year's GSoC students who I mentored, started working on a basic
network status page here:


The code for the metrics website is here, and yes, it's JSP/servlets:


Please let me know if you have further questions.


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