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Re: [tor-talk] some common ground on the gatereloaded topic (fwd)

I never saw an explicit answer to the below, which I think would be valuable for posterity .. list archives, etc.

See below:

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, Damian Johnson wrote:

That is, if I do indeed have a bizarro use case, and can't talk about it, as
we were arguing about, I can still use the "badexit" labeled nodes as I see
fit, yes ?  Or do you drop badexits out of the directory after some amount
of time ?

Yes, it just effects the defaults. As a client you can do whatever you
want. This was discussed almost a month back in this thread.

Relevant snippet:
Despite its name, the BadExit flag really isn't a big whoop - the
relays are still perfectly usable for guard and middle hop positions.
They just aren't seeing exit traffic any longer.

Yes, I understood that - and I see that that is the default. What I want to confirm is, can I change to a non-default configuration and continue to use those nodes _as exits_ if I choose to ?
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