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Re: [tor-talk] can't get tor to work :(

On Mar 8, 2011, at 10:22 PM, Scott Bennett wrote:
Thank you for the explanation, Roger. I see that the bug must have been present in all of the versions of tor running that the authorities were running at the time, which suggests that the rule about having the authorities be spread across several versions at all times failed to be
sufficient in the end to uphold the purpose of the rule.  Perhaps the
timing of code propagation for new features that have yet to be fully
tested needs to be rethought. For example, should IPv6 support have been
eligible to appear in the "stable" versions of tor yet?

This code has been inside Tor since 2008, and propagated from to 0.2.1 and then into 0.2.2 (which the authorities are
running). I'm not sure where you read about a requirement for
dirauths to run different versions, if this ever existed it sure hasn't
been the case for at least a few years.

Does the bug affect directory mirrors as well? In other words, if a new version of tor is implemented on some of the authorities that will correctly handle whatever exit policy was the problem, will the distribution of descriptors bearing that exit policy by the authorities to mirrors cause the mirrors to crash, too, if they are running today's versions of tor at the time if they don't have your patch applied? How about ordinary non-exit
relays?  Clients?

Non-authorities aren't affected by this bug.

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